Enliven Training Services has a three pronged approach towards learning and development.The rationale behind any training is to enhance the productivity of an individual, in order to do so it is imperative to ascertain the training required by conducting TNA. Once the skill sets of the trainees have been identified then our trainers coordinate with the management of the organization to understand the organizational goals. Based on the organizational goals and the TNA report a custom training module is developed which aligns the training content,the trainees and the organizational goals. Thereby assisting organizations in achieving their goals through employee coaching

Technical Training

Our technical trainers are highlly skilled to meet any type of technical training requirement, we also ensure that our trainers are fully equipped and always keep upskilling themselves.Our vast pool of trainers can conduct any technical training like Application Trainings, Database/Server Trainings, Programmer trainings.

Soft Skills

Soft skill has become need of the hour and unfortunately it is highly ignored by educational institutions. We have 16 full time soft skill trainers who have conducted training across the length and breadth of the country, having expertise in Retail,IT,Real Estate and other growing sectors..


We conduct open workshops on various training modules,the open workshop is aimed at individuals who wish to enhance their skills and for those SME's who do want to stay competitive by upskilling their staf but do not have required resources.


Imparting training is important but it is equally important to impart right training. We help our clients in identifying the training requirement by performing TNA which aids in skill enhancement. Having conducted over 1600 TNA's our staff is fully equipped with requisite skills for TNA.